About Us

stickerlogo.com is an officially licensed distributer of hockey jerseys, customized football jerseys, baseball jerseys and basketball jerseys and other custom sportswear. It is popular with North America sport fans for its reasonable price and high quality jerseys and jersey diy. If you want to make your own personalized jerseys, come to stickerlogo.com, blank jerseys, custom tackle twill letter and number kits would be great for your design. Besides, there is no imagination limitation here. Tell us what you want sportswear to look like, we will take care of it. Here your fashion would be in your hand, and you are going to do it well on your own even you are new about this.
Phone number (Canada): 647 499 7651
Email: stickerlogo@transferlogo.com
Address: 1889 MARYLAND AVE NIAGARA FALLS, NY 14305-1708, USA